【New】「もっと楽しもう!TokyoTokyo」対象プラン販売のご案内 ★English below!



ケーキ・シャンパン付 カップルや女子会におすすめ!

3名様まで滞在できるライブリーキングルームのお部屋を、東京都民限定で「もっと楽しもう!TokyoTokyo」とGoTo トラベルキャンペーンを併用してさらにお得にご宿泊いただけるプランをご用意いたしました。


麻布十番の人気店「Le Pommier」のシェフ、フレデリック・マドレーヌ氏特製のオリジナルチョコレートケーキ付プラン! 甘いチョコレートとフランボワーズのフルーティーな酸味が印象的なケーキです。

フランスの伝統、古き良き技術を受け継いできたシェフパティシエの味をシャンパンと一緒にお楽しみください! ※ケーキは10cm, シャンパンはフルボトル(750ml)を1本ご用意いたします。


〈もっとTokyo〉x〈GoToトラベルキャンペーン割引対象〉都民限定!カップル・女子会におすすめ★ケーキ・シャンパン付 ライフスタイルホテルで充実ステイ《 朝食付き 》※全館禁煙









Limited to Tokyo Residents Only!

Book our special Cake & Champagne Plan for a Date Night or Girls Night getaway in the city!

We are pleased to announce that our plush “Lively King Room” (suitable for up to 3 guests!) is now included in the Tokyo residents only “Motto Tokyo” Campaign with a sweet twist! We have prepared a special plan that allows you to combine the benefits of the “Motto Tokyo” and GoToTravel Campaigns, so please head over to our official website to make your reservation before the promotion ends! (※There are restrictions on dates eligible for reservation with this deal, so please check before booking.)

A special collaboration with “Le Pommier”, a famous cake shop in Azabujuban, this plan includes an original chocolate cake by Chef Frederic Madelainel! The perfect harmony of rich, sweet, chocolate and tart framboise, this cake is fruity and luxurious - it also pairs perfectly with champagne! ※Plan includes one 10cm cake and one 750ml bottle of champagne.

Eligible Plan:

Motto Tokyo〉x〈GoToTravel Campaign〉Tokyo Residents Only!Recommended for Couples and Girls Nights! Cake & Champagne Hotel Stay at Azabujuban’s Premier Lifestyle Hotel《 Breakfast Included 》※Non-Smoking Building

Eligible Room Type:

Lively King Room(3 person maximum capacity)

Eligible Dates:

December 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2020.

<Caution Notes>

■ At the time of check-in, we will ask for photo IDs that will allow us to confirm the identity and address of all members of the group. After confirmation of residency, each Tokyo resident will receive a discount of 5,000yen per person per night, which will then be reflected in the price paid for the room on site at the hotel. Non-residents or residents unable to produce acceptable ID will be deemed ineligible for the special discount.

■ This promotion will end after the planned number of reservations have been made.